Construction Site Inspection Software

Construction audits checks to see that standards are being maintained and identify hazardous issues and provide opportunities to fix problems before equipment breakdowns, injuries and accidents occur.

Construction audits provide the essential management control to ensure that all protective measures have the desired effect on site.

Construction Audit & Auditing Software

These are some of the types of Construction Audits carried out by our customers:

  • Asbestos Survey Audit
  • Concrete Pour Checklist
  • COVID-19 Safety Checks
  • Daily Time Sheet
  • Engineer Site Safety Audit
  • Equipment Audit
  • Final Commissioning Audit Report
  • Fire and Safety Checks
  • Health & Safety Audit
  • Ladder / Stepladder Inspection Checklist
  • Plastering Works – Quality Check / Inspection
  • Site SHEQ Inspection
  • Twice Daily Walk Around Check Monitoring Sheet
  • Tool Box Reconciliation – Daily End of Shift
  • Quality Control
  • Vehicle Checklist
  • Workshop Inspection
  • Workplace Noise Audit

A Flexible & Adaptable Platform For Creating Targeted Audits

“We have been using AuditForm for our internal Gas, Oil, building maintenance & health & safety inspections.


A flexible and adaptable platform for creating targeted audits to match the different roles within the construction industry.”


Graeme McEvilly – Lead Gas Tech Quality Auditor, Liberty Group 

AuditForm is typically used to ask a series of questions in order to identify non-compliances in standards and practices.

If there are equipment checks to be carried out, in particular to meet LOLER standards, we have another product called OnSiteForm that can be used for this.

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OnSiteForm – Construction Site Inspection Software Keeps You On Top Of Safety & Productivity

The problem nowadays is that contractors are faced with demanding practical challenges of complying with various legal regulations because of the complexity and scale of their equipment assets.

The process of auditing and maintaining large equipment asset registers with varying inspection intervals for different types of equipment is quite a challenge.

But that’s where OnSiteForm construction site safety software comes into its own because:

  • OnSiteForm Frees Up Managers To Devote More Time To Other Important Activities
  • OnSiteForm is an asset management application that is facilitated over the internet
  • it is a cost effective “paperless” system which improves inspection productivity
  • its audit function provides clear picture of overall equipment serviceability on site
  • it provides accurate and speedy access to inspection records
  • it offers a thorough “audit trail” capability
  • it has a fully searchable, easy to use, database
  • it does not require any special software, database set-up, training or maintenance

You can use this software system to manage your lifting gear inspections, create a lifting equipment register or perhaps have a bespoke LOLER examination software solution for your server using this lifting inspection software as a base product.

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OnSiteForm – Construction Site Inspection Software Keeps You On Top Of Safety & Productivity

Our customer base has grown exponentially

“Since using the OnSiteForm system, our customer base has grown exponentially and it has become a key selling product for us at Towne’s, winning us new and bigger contracts.


The system makes our company look much more professional and has impressed all our current clients.


Our clients find OnSiteForm easy to use and very convenient because they can browse their certification online, 24/7 without having to contact us – it makes their life so much easier.”


Steve Harrison – Towne Lifting & Testing

Construction Site Software

OnSiteForm – Reduces Risk, Saves Time and Money

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