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Audit Management System & Auditing App


Build Audit

Build your audits online easily and quickly using your web browser. Audits are managed on the web against a flexible organisation structure. Design your questions to score according to your audit priorities.

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Deploy Audit

Download your audits to your hand-held devices direct from our website. Carry out multiple audits using your PDA. The upload updates the website and email results, saving time writing up and reporting the audit.

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Complete Audit

After uploading, results can be reviewed on the web and non-compliances addressed. Corrective actions outstanding are monitored and performance between locations are compared on a league table.

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AuditForm – The Auditing App For Your Audit Management System

Nearly all businesses that are subject to external third party scrutiny for compliance and accreditation are required to conduct audits on their operational processes. These audits are typically required to ensure operational health and safety, product quality and food safety to mention a few.
Companies facing such regulation can now benefit from the AuditForm auditing app for their audit management system to help manage all auditing processes and substantially reduce the resources and time required in planning and executing audits.

Greater Productivity

AuditForm’s “paperless” auditing app enables more efficient and productive auditing process covering the entire internal audit process, including:
• No internet connection required for data collection using mobile devices
• planning
• audit execution & review
• management reporting
• trend analysis
• audit data storage &retrieval
AuditForm audit management software eliminates the inefficiencies and contamination potential of paper based systems, differing types of electronic files and drives increased productivity throughout the auditing process.
AuditForm is empowering the auditing processes of businesses around the world, enabling auditors and managers to spend more time reviewing data rich audit reports for business improvement, with far less time spent collecting the audit data. Rapid response is also facilitated for third party regulators looking for the provision of timely audit findings reducing the risks incurred by delays. Email reporting on overdue actions helps make sure that non-compliances are addressed and not overlooked.

Auditor Friendly

AuditForm an intuitive audit management system which has a very short learning curve and is readily adopted and highly regarded by auditors. That’s because it is compatible with popular smart devices including phone, tablet, laptop and desktop PCs enabling auditors to carry out their work using their preferred way of working. Auditors can also conduct audits file and generate report at any remote location. AuditForm is also easy to customise.

Better Quality Data & Less Mistakes

Audits conducted using manual techniques can be subject to human error which can compromise the validity of an audit. The automated features of AuditForm can greatly reduce the incidence of human error and its negative impact on the auditing process. This makes AuditForm particularly suitable for use in a food safety management system.

Meaningful Management Reporting

Audit data is held in a database which can be quickly extracted, configured and reviewed online. Various analyses for monitoring non-compliance and comparative performance across different locations are available on screen as well as PDF or .xls spreadsheet form for use in other data analysis tool like MS Access.
Take a look at the AuditForm auditing app demo and sign up for a free 30 day trial by clicking here.
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