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“We have been using ‘Auditform’ to assess our Third Party operations since February 2014. They have provided us with a very cost effective auditing, reporting and data management tool and we have found the functionality to create bespoke assessments ideal as we continue to evolve our performance measures and adapt to a constantly changing shopping environment.”


“We have worked with Formability to develop a number of bespoke system solutions and we have always been impressed with their ability to understand our brief and deliver a solution that meets our needs. We have also worked with other National Express departments and embedded the audit solution into their business practices.”

Trade Association

“Formability listened to our requirements and facilitated the design of a bespoke system to suit our current and future needs. We are now able to externally audit all of our 190+ members across the organisation in the UK and Ireland, wherever they are working, and generate meaningful audit reports. “

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An Auditing App for External Auditing, Internal Audit & Quality Inspection Software

How Do Auditing Apps Work?

Auditing apps, also known as internal audit software, streamline the audit process by providing tools for planning, executing, and managing audits. They typically offer features such as audit scheduling, risk assessment, document management, checklists, workflow automation, and reporting. Users can create audit plans, assign tasks to team members, track progress, collect evidence, and generate audit reports. These apps enhance efficiency, reduce manual effort, and improve audit traceability and compliance.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing An Auditing App?


When selecting an auditing app, consider the following factors:

  1. Specific Needs – Identify your organization’s unique audit requirements, compliance standards, and industry regulations. Ensure the app can accommodate these needs.
  2. User-Friendly Interface – Look for an intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure that team members can easily navigate and use the software.
  3. Integration – Check if the app can integrate with other tools your organization uses, such as accounting software or ERP systems.
  4. Reporting Capabilities – Evaluate the app’s reporting and analytics features to ensure it can generate meaningful insights and customizable reports.
  5. Security – Verify that the app has robust security measures in place to protect sensitive audit data.
  6. Scalability – Consider whether the app can grow with your organization as its auditing needs evolve.
  7. Cost – Assess the pricing structure, including licensing fees, and determine if it fits within your budget.

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health and safety software

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We Have Tailored Our App Very Economically To Meet The Specific Needs Of Many Different Organisations Around The World

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AuditForm Auditing App Features

The AuditForm auditing app is external  auditing software is utilised to track non-compliances in real time and provide managers with vastly improved knowledge and control to enable significant reductions in operational risks. And, the AuditForm auditing app saves time collecting and processing data to reduce risk. When non-compliances are found, responsible people can be alerted immediately making it an ideal internal audit management system.

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Data Configuration

Audits are authored online using a variety of different types of question including comment boxes, multiple choice and signatures

Flexible authoring of internal audit tools

Test in the auditing app can be customised to use your terminology and several European languages

Audits are scored & the total and possible scores are held alongside the audit

Question scoring is weighted & the Auditform external auditing software can manage several compliance levels

Answers which are not applicable reduce the potential score enabling percentage comparisons to be made between various locations

The master auditing app templates are always held at and used from the same single location

Data Collection

Audit data is entered electronically at the point of inspection means Auditform is ideal quality inspection software

Audit data is collected online using the Auditform external auditing software on an Android or iOS tablet or smart phone

The online browser solution can be used as a stand alone without the need to use hand held devices

Audits can be collected from a range of locations and variances analysed across them and assigned to a specific function. For instance, a workshop audit can made to only show up against other workshops and not against other general locations

Internal audit tools users can be assigned different levels of access for a specific location enabling “visibility” & access rules can be defined flexibly

Information is held in a database allowing for generation of questions, audit storage, review, analysis and for monitoring non-compliances

Management Control

Non-compliance issues are highlighted then tracked alongside user comments & closure information

Internal audit management system corrective action reports & details of the audit are emailed to recipients as required by the auditor

Signatures & photographs captured during an audit are available for viewing online

Completed audits can be emailed for action at the time of entry or later

Overdue outstanding actions can be chased

Corrective actions undertaken must be authorised by the auditor before they can be closed

Comparative audit results for multiple locations can be measured against one another in league table format

Results can be analysed using the management reports

Auditing App - External Auditing Software, Internal Audit Tools & Quality Inspection Software

Auditing App – External Auditing Software, Internal Audit Tools & Quality Inspection Software


External Auditing Software In A Reliable, Convenient Auditing App

Nearly all businesses that are subject to external third party scrutiny for compliance and accreditation are required to conduct audits on their operational processes. These audits are typically required to ensure operational health and safety, product quality and food safety to mention a few.

Companies facing such regulation can now benefit from the Auditform’s internal audit tools for their internal audit management system to help manage all auditing processes and substantially reduce the resources and time required in planning and executing audits.

Auditform’s “paperless” auditing app and internal audit tools enables more efficient and productive auditing process covering the entire internal audit management system, including:

  • no internet connection required for data collection using mobile devices
  • audit scheduling & planning
  • audit execution & review
  • management reporting
  • trend analysis
  • audit data storage & retrieval
  • Internal Audit Management System Enables Greater Productivity

Auditform quality inspection software eliminates the inefficiencies and contamination potential of paper based systems, differing types of electronic files and drives increased productivity throughout the internal audit management system.

The Auditform auditing app is empowering the auditing processes of businesses all around our world, enabling management to devote more time to review audit findings which provide rich data for business improvement. Rapid response is also facilitated for third party regulators looking for the provision of timely audit findings reducing the risks incurred by delays. Email reporting on overdue actions is just one of the internal audit tools that helps make sure that non-compliances are addressed and not overlooked.

Auditform Quality Inspection Software Is Auditor Friendly

Auditform is intuitive quality inspection software which has a very short learning curve and is readily adopted and highly regarded by auditors. That’s because the external audit software is compatible with popular smart devices including phone, tablet, laptop and desktop PCs enabling auditors to carry out their work using their preferred way of working. Auditors can also conduct audits file and generate report at any remote location. Auditform is also easy to customise.

An Auditing App For Better Quality Data & Less Mistakes

Audits conducted using manual techniques can be subject to human error which can compromise the validity of an audit. The automated features of Auditform quality inspection software can greatly reduce the incidence of human error and its negative impact on the auditing process.

Meaningful Management Reporting

Audit data in the app is held in a database which can be quickly extracted, configured and reviewed online. This external audit software provides various analyses for monitoring non-compliance and comparative performance across different locations are available on screen as well as PDF or spreadsheet form for use in other data analysis tool like MS Access.

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