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The requirements of health and safety auditing software in all types and sizes of businesses are constantly changing for instance as new processes are adopted, existing processes are changes or new legislation impacts on working practices.

That is why it is vitally important that routine health and safety auditing is conducted regularly preferably using a tried, tested and reliable health and safety audit software system, it vitally important.

The adoption of systematic appraisals of an organisation’s operating processes and procedures will help ensure the ongoing health and safety and welfare of their staff, customers and third parties. Audits will pinpoint areas where improvement is required to comply with legal responsibilities and benefit the organisation and staff by promoting wellbeing.

Safety Audit Software

Management systems should be in place in all organisations in order to optimise health and safety processes. Auditform Safety audit software provides a professional, risk reducing and time saving solution for delivering documented, methodical and independent assessments of any organisation’s processes and systems.

Safety Inspection Software

Although organisations are different in size and in the scope of how they operate in different sectors, Auditform Health and Safety Auditing Software is extremely versatile, scalable can cope admirably with diverse operational requirements. It can be configured to assess anything you want to inspect or measure for instance:

  • How operational processes are delivering against the objectives of the organisation
  • Are organisations complying with the specific legal requirement of its sector
  • The weaknesses and strengths of existing systems and processes
  • Are staff being kept safe in their day-to-day activities?

These are some of the types of Health and Safety Audits carried out by our customers:

  • COVID-19 Safety Checks
  • Equipment Audits
  • Fire and Safety Checks
  • Health & Safety Audit
  • Legionella Weekly Checks
  • Medication Checks
  • Quality Control
  • Site SHEQ Inspection
  • Water Temperature Checks
  • Workplace Noise Audit

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Health & Safety Demo

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AuditForm Software Is Very Versatile & Easy To Use

“We have been using Auditform to carry out premises audits and health and safety inspections. The software is very versatile and easy to use.


We have a number of clients and they like the ease of resolving actions as they all have their own password and can login to their audits.”

Julie Gelder – Managing Director, Topaz Health & Safety

CAREAudits – Paperless Systems for Improving the Quality of Care

“The CAREAudits system has over 100 example audits to select from. CAREAudits is extremely easy to use and care providers can easily add or edit their own audits in minutes ensuring simple management of ever-changing requirements.


App users can use CAREAudits with virtually no training, it’s that simple with help text and standard answers available to every question ensuring that the least skilled operative becomes the care provider’s expert. Users can download the app for a trial and be up and running with the full system in only a few days.


To see the CAREAudits Sales Introduction Video just click on the image below to play.



To go to the CAREAudits system, click here

Ken Newlove – Director, CAREAudits 

Auditform – Reduces Risk, Saves Time and Money

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