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“We have been using ‘Auditform’ to assess our Third Party operations since February 2014. They have provided us with a very cost effective auditing, reporting and data management tool and we have found the functionality to create bespoke assessments ideal as we continue to evolve our performance measures and adapt to a constantly changing shopping environment.”


“We have worked with Formability to develop a number of bespoke system solutions and we have always been impressed with their ability to understand our brief and deliver a solution that meets our needs. We have also worked with other National Express departments and embedded the audit solution into their business practices.”

Trade Association

“Formability listened to our requirements and facilitated the design of a bespoke system to suit our current and future needs. We are now able to externally audit all of our 190+ members across the organisation in the UK and Ireland, wherever they are working, and generate meaningful audit reports. “

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Facilities Management Audit Software

Facilities auditing is used to help manage the maintenance, servicing and development of commercial and residential buildings.

Carrying out comprehensive audits on a regular basis can be very time consuming and creates a lot of information, most of which is often a set of routine tick-boxes.

By using AuditForm, not only does this operation become more efficient, but the resulting information can be more easily managed and non-compliances can more easily put into the spotlight.

By uploading the results onto a website, managers and clients are able to review the information, showing what auditing has taken place and with the use of time-stamped pictures against answers, give a good understanding of how things are going.

Facilities Management Auditing Software

These are some of the types of Facilities Audits carried out by our customers:

  • Cleaning Audit
  • Contractor sign-in
  • COSSH Monthly Review
  • Drainage Checklist
  • Electric Meter Audit
  • Emergency Lighting Checks
  • Fire Door Audit
  • Fire and Safety Weekly Checks
  • Health and Safety Audit
  • Hot Water Temperature Checks
  • Inspection
  • Legionella Monitoring Audit
  • Mattress Audit
  • Security Audit
  • Spot Checks
  • Ventilation Checks

Please check out our manufacturing audit software page.

AuditForm Saves Time & Money

“We have used AuditForm to conduct a variety of site safety and inspection audits online and using the App.


This has helped us save time and money, helping us to run our business more efficiently.


I would recommend AuditForm as a cost effective way of improving the Audit Management process.”

Alistair Hodgson – Managing Director, Neo Property Solutions

Auditform Has Been A Reliable & Robust Tool To Use

“Kram has been very happy with the tailor made audit solutions provided by AuditForm.


We have enjoyed using AuditForm for a few years now and it has been a reliable and robust tool to use.


It is an integral part of our quality management tool and compliance system and we would highly recommend Paul and his team.”

Sara Richardson – Director, Kram Cleaning